Taking you BEYOND the Edge

Classic Rock Like You've Never Heard Before

As the saying goes, there is nothing like living on the Edge. STEEL EDGE is one band that has stepped over that edge into new, uncharted territory. Through excited forays into the world of Classic Rock and Blues interpretations, STEEL EDGE has a full, fun, dancable sound that keeps the place hoppin' and rockin'. This band is not your average copy band.

STEEL EDGE is from the Guelph area. With a strong Blues and Classic Rock influence, STEEL EDGE generates a uniquely exciting sound that garners attention from the first chord. Anchored with the versatile and trademark sound of the Pedal Steel guitar, Steel Edge has a repetoire that is both fun and artistically captivating at the same time.

This 5 piece band is a collection of highly-talented and experienced musicians bringing a collective musical creativity to a wide range of fabulous rock tunes from Zeppelin to Foghat, Creedence to Black Keys, Deep Purple to Tom Petty, Spirit to Sheepdogs. This is not your average song list. Comfortable in both small and larger venues, Steel Edge is the band that will take you over your musical edge.


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Phone Kitchener: (519)589-7869
Phone Guelph: (519)766-5532
Email: info@steeledge.ca



Chris Riddell - Vocals

Chris travelled the bar circuit in the early eighties singing with bands Tyrus and Hellion before deciding the road life wasn't for him. He didn't sing much until the mid 2000's when he got back into music jamming and fronting bands like Dick Spacey and Oldschool.

Studying bel canto voice technique when he was young helped him to develop his potential and allows him to push the limits when performing. As frontman for Steel Edge, the band has the strong vocals needed for the challenging repetoire the band is known for.

Woody Marcoux- Bass

Woody comes from a musical upbringing with his father, a choir director, organ and piano player. He played trumpet for a few years during the eighties and picked up bass in the mid 90's. He played the band circuit around Halifax until 1999, then in Ottawa until 2013.

His playing is influenced by John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee, Sting and of course Paul McCartney.

Tim Palser - Lead Guitar

Tim has been playing for over 40 years and loves to rock on. His hot leads and chuncky rythyms add a unique color and texture to the Steel Edge sound.

After honing his chops in the country world, Tim joined various bands playing music that is near and dear to his heart, classic rock and blues. 

Jim Evans - Pedal Steel Guitar

Jim has been playing in bands for more than 45 years. He was the guitar player with "The Chosen Few", a hot Kitchener band in the 60"s and a forerunner to "Copperpenny".

He played professionally on the road doing the Ontario bar circuit for several years, ending up in England playing and recording with popular British band McGuinness-Flint. With recording and touring experience Jim returned to Canada and started Waxworks Recording Studio, today a thriving Video and Website Development company, Waxworks Creative. His pedal steel hero is Robert Randolph and he constantly reaches new heights exploring blues and classic rock on this unique sounding instrument.

Dana Marostega - Drums & Vocals

Dana first started playing drums in high school with a band called "WINSLOW". The few years after that saw him in various R & R and country outfits.

His skills were tested in a prog rock band called "Keeper" from Toronto which did some touring.

Early 80's then had him forming "pdb opera" writing all their own material. Into the 90's dana slowed down his playing to work on his own projects. Dana comes to Steel Edge with a solid beat and strong back vocals.

Steel Edge Gigs

Catch us Live

  • Feb 25, 2017 Central Tavern in Elmira

  • Mar 10, 2017 Capers in Kitchener

  • Mar 3, 2017 The Red Chevron in Guelph 8pm to midnight

  • Sept 30, 2016 The Red Chevron in Guelph 8pm to midnight

  • June 24, 2016 The Red Chevron in Guelph 8pm to midnight

  • June 3, 2016 Ribfest in Welland

  • May 28, 2016 KIN Festival in Cambridge

  • May 27, 2016 Capers in Kitchener

  • May 22, 2016 The Red Chevron in Guelph 8pm to midnight

  • Apr 30, 2016 Mount Royal Tavern in Mount Forest 10pm to 2am

  • Mar 18, 2016 The Red Chevron in Guelph 8pm to midnight

  • Mar 12, 2016 Central Tavern in Elmira 10pm to 2am

  • Nov 21, 2015 Mount Royal Tavern in Mount Forest 10pm to 2am

  • Oct 2, 2015 Central Tavern in Elmira with special guests Ethereal

  • Sept 25, 2015 The Red Chevron in Guelph 8PM to Midnight

  • Sept 12 Biggies in Guelph

  • Aug 15 Mount Royal Tavern in Mount Forest 10pm to 2am

  • June 5 Red Chevron in Guelph 8PM to midnight

  • Mar 20 Grand River Hotel in Cambridge 9:30PM

  • Feb 27 Capers in Kitchener 9:30PM

  • Feb 13 The Red Chevron in Guelph, 8PM - midnight

  • Jan 31 2015 The Central Tavern in Elmira 10PM

  • NEW YEARS Eve at The Red Chevron in Guelph

  • Nov 14 The Red Chevron in Guelph

  • Oct 18 The Central Tavern in Elmira

  • Oct 17 Capers in Kitchener

  • Sept 26 The Red Chevron in Guelph

  • Sept 13 Q-Ball in Guelph

  • Aug 16 Private Party

  • Aug 15 The Red Chevron in Guelph

  • July 26 Private Party

  • June 14 The Central Tavern in Elmira

  • May 16 Capers in Kitchener


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